To meet the needs of Nigerian customers, HC has designed and manufactured a crude oil surge tank, which has the following features:


Firstly, it adopts advanced gas-liquid separation technology, which can effectively separate water and impurities from crude oil, improving the quality and utilization rate of crude oil.


Secondly, the surge tank adopts a fully welded structure, which not only improves the pressure resistance of the tank body but also ensures its sealing performance.


In addition, the surge tank has excellent anti-corrosion and wear resistance performance, which can be used for long-term operation in harsh working environments.


The main function of the crude oil surge tank is to surge the pressure fluctuations of crude oil, prevent crude oil backflow, and ensure the normal operation of the production line. The crude oil surge tank can also be used for gas-liquid separation to achieve the purpose of stabilizing vacuum degree, thus ensuring the vacuum degree requirement of the system. Moreover, the crude oil surge tank can also be used for crude oil storage, keeping the crude oil stable during storage and avoiding quality changes and losses.


In the process of crude oil processing, the crude oil surge tank is one of the most important equipment. By designing and controlling the process of the crude oil surge tank, the efficiency and quality of crude oil processing can be effectively improved, ensuring the stable operation of the production line.


We believe that the designed crude oil surge tank will provide Nigerian customers with high-quality petroleum product protection. HC has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance products and services, and constantly promoting the development of the petrochemical industry.


If you need more information or are interested in learning more about the crude oil surge tank, please feel free to contact HC at any time. We look forward to cooperating with you to create a better future together.

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