As a leading supplier of oil and natural gas equipment, HC's well testing three-phase separator designed and manufactured for the Nigeria project has successfully arrived at the designated port. This is another proof of HC's outstanding ability and excellent service in separator technology, and also marks an important milestone we have achieved in the oil and gas field.

Nigeria, as one of the largest oil producing countries in Africa, has high requirements for efficient and reliable equipment in its oil extraction activities. HC's well testing three-phase separator is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of Nigerian oil field operations. It adopts advanced separation technology, which can effectively separate crude oil, natural gas, and water to improve production efficiency and product quality. Our separator has stable performance, reliable operation, and excellent separation effect, which will provide strong support for oil field development in Nigeria.

HC demonstrated excellent project management skills and teamwork spirit in this project. We work closely with our partners in Nigeria to ensure that the three-phase separator for well testing is delivered to the destination as planned. We appreciate the efforts and dedication of all team members involved in the project, whose professional knowledge and dedication have made important contributions to the smooth progress of the project.

The arrival of the Nigeria well testing three-phase separator is another important achievement for HC in expanding its global market share. We will continue to be committed to technological innovation and service optimization, continuously improving our products and solutions to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

We look forward to working with our Nigerian partners to achieve common success and help them achieve greater success in the oil and gas field. HC will continue to work closely with customers to provide them with high-quality products and first-class technical support.

Thank you again for your support and trust!

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