Speaking of the world's most famous oil country, I think everyone should first think of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, but the beginning of the history of oil has to be counted from 1846. Before that, the major oil-producing countries in the Middle East were still unknown. Oil resources have not yet been developed, so the use of oil was relatively simple at that time, and did not make the best use of it. But at this time, there is a country that officially kicked off the world oil industry. It is Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is rich in oil and natural gas resources, mainly distributed in the Apsheron Peninsula and the Caspian Sea. The proven reserves of oil are about 2.2 billion tons, and the natural gas reserves are about 2.6 trillion cubic meters. As early as 1873, Azerbaijan drilled The world's first industrial oil well, making a great contribution to the development of modern oil. Even in the early 20th century, industrial oil began to develop slowly, Azerbaijans oil production is still leading, although not reaching 90% of The world's production, once accounted for half of global production.

There is still an interesting custom in Azerbaijan, which is the bathing of oil. This custom has existed for a long time, and even now there is a city that maintains this custom all the year round. It is considered beneficial to the body, later this custom became a special tourism project in this country. 


As a country that focuses on the development of the oil industry, Azerbaijan is also a delicious cake that oil service companies are vying for. As a leading oilfield service company in China, HC Petroleum Equipment has also acquired many users in Azerbaijan. In order to Provide the highest quality products.

Our wellhead test equipment adopts many advanced technology such as the highly efficient separation,built-in throttling,automatic control,integrated anticorrosion, device prizing optimization. The equipment has a good separation effect, large elasticity of operation,strong adaptability,a high degree of automation, high measuring accuracy,detailed data, etc. Its main technical performance occupy advanced level both in domestic and international.

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