Recently, it was reported that an Iraqi drilling company has signed a contract with its National Energy Administration to drill 20 wells in Nasiriyah Oilfield, with the aim of increasing oil and gas production capacity in Iraq. This is a big challenge for drilling companies. To complete production within the specified date, wellhead test equipment is indispensable. In particular, the most advanced technology must be selected for test separator.

Test separators play a vital role in the analysis of onshore and offshore drilling, providing sustained return on investment by providing critical information to on-site decision makers to help extract valuable resources more effectively.

The test separator is generally designed with skid-mounted structure for easy movement and operation. In order to measure accurately, imported orifice plate flowmeter and instrument with precise engineering design, durable components and corrosion resistance will be selected.

The test separator of HC Petroleum Equipment is able to conduct high-pressure separation of oil, gas and water in the output liquid, and complete the evaluation of oil and gas production, and water content of a well or several wells through accurate measurement, so as to provide analysis basis for oil and gas exploration and development as well as production. In addition, we can customize a complete set of special equipment according to user's needs. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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