For a long time, peoples demand for energy has grown through the rapid development of economies in various countries. The growth in energy demand is one of the main factors driving the global advancement and demand for oil and gas equipment.

However, as drilling work continues to increase, drilling activities have already expanded from land to sea. As offshore drilling operations are required to be carried out under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the demand for choke and kill manifolds has increased.

For a long time, as exploration and production companies are looking for new shale gas and oil reserves, drilling activity in North America has increased, so demand for choke and kill manifolds has surged in North America.

Demand for choke and kill manifolds in Europe is mainly driven by exploration and production activities in the North Sea and independent countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The demand for equipment will also increase.

In addition, oil and gas production activities in Angola, Nigeria, Brazil and Venezuela have been active, and these areas are also the main markets for choke and kill manifolds.

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