At present, the current situation of China's crude oil exploitation is that more and more onshore oil fields have entered the middle and late stages of mining, and will inevitably encounter the problem of high water-bearing production fluid treatment. The moisture content of some well fluids is even as high as over 90%.

On the other hand, after years of hard work, China's offshore oil exploitation has achieved remarkable results. In 2010 alone, offshore oil and gas production reached 51.8 million tons, accounting for about 25% of the national oil production. The “Daiqing Daqing Oilfield” was initially built . However, due to the particularity of the marine environment, there is a huge difference between offshore oil production and the production process of onshore oil fields. The exploitation of offshore oil requires new and higher technologies to solve the production process of offshore platforms. Large quantities, high separation indicators, and space cramps.

In view of the current status of the production process and the increasingly strict environmental emission standards, oilfield exploitation is on the verge of economic exploitation, and high-efficiency and low-cost oil and water treatment technologies are urgently needed. The inherent disadvantages of traditional treatment technologies are faced with contemporary needs. The fate of being eliminated. Taking the gravity-reducing tank with the widest application range and the most mature technical process as an example, the standard technical scheme is to build a tank body with a certain volume, so that the oil-water two-phase stays in it and is separated by gravity. The longer the residence time of the mixture, the better the treatment effect. However, with the increase of water content, the settlement time is shortened, which makes some old oilfields face the problem that sewage treatment cannot meet the standard under new mining conditions. For new oilfields and offshore oilfields, gravity settlement is due to heavy weight and floor space. Wide application, high cost, low pressure resistance, low efficiency, etc., its application is also very limited.

Therefore, engineers must design the product process to meet the actual working conditions and provide the best solution for customers.

Our production separators are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure high performance, and our engineers will simulate fluid movement in the separator based on actual design experience and field data, design internal structures and guide installation.

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