Under the background of economic globalization, the internationalization of domestic enterprises and the internationalization of domestic markets are obvious. The competition scope, competitors and competition rules of equipment manufacturing enterprises are more internationalized, and the competition mode and The cooperation model is also more diverse.

The current equipment manufacturing market is fiercely competitive, and low-priced vicious competition is not uncommon. At the same time, enterprise development faces problems such as weak innovation ability and low profitability of most products. It is not enough to support the independent development of products and carry out service-oriented manufacturing. Through the links of high value creation capabilities such as R&D, design and service, we can systematically expand and enhance the industrial value chain of the enterprise, improve the overall profitability of the enterprise, and reshape the new competitive advantages of the enterprise.

China is implementing a new round of oil and gas exploration, upgrading of old oilfield production capacity, large-scale exploration and development of shale gas, and rapid development of natural gas business, opening up a rare market space for the development of oil and gas equipment manufacturing business. Provide a broad development platform.

HC Petroleum Equipment is leading engineering and manufacturing company of oil and gas equipment.The company's surface testing equipment has been widely used in Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and the United Kingdom. In the face of the new situation, HC will surely keep the new and seek new changes, promote lean production to promote high-quality products, use the new model of "manufacturing + service" to expand business capabilities, enhance customer value, and boost equipment manufacturing enterprises. To the high end of the value chain, to achieve high quality development.

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