Chinese "Natural Gas Quality Standard" requires that the maximum content of carbon dioxide should not exceed 3% of the total volume, since there will be extremely corrosive once carbon dioxide is integrated with water, which will corrode the equipment for exploitation of natural gas and steel materials such as transportation pipelines, affect the use of equipment, even cause equipment damage and natural gas leakage and waste. In addition, carbon dioxide has a higher concentration of acid than acidic liquids of the same pH and is more corrosive to equipment containing steel. Therefore, natural gas must be decarbonized before it can be used and transported.

According to the research and development in recent years, the working principles and applicable conditions of the decarbonization of natural gas are summarized, so as to facilitate the selection of natural gas exploitation in different areas and equipment.

Therefore, different technologies will be selected based on the requirements of different regions for natural gas decarbonization. For example, in the process of wet decarbonization, a strong thermal effect will be generated, which will lead to the natural gas after humidification is not suitable for the raw materials of decarbonization. Therefore, it is necessary to have drying equipment, and natural gas extraction plants without such equipment cannot choose such process.Another example, if the mining plant does not have a good grasp of the product quality after the natural gas decarbonization, and hastily adopted a low-temperature separation decarbonization method, it will affect and hinder the efficiency of natural gas decarbonization.

No matter which decarbonization process is selected, necessary equipment and transportation pipelines are indispensable. As an oil and gas service company, HC Petroleum Equipment has accumulated rich experience in natural gas processing, and is able to provide users with process equipment for gas field production and processing, flow control, oilfield facility control and metering, gas treatment and processing, oil refining, oil storage facilities, loading and transmission equipment. Our engineers and technicians will exert their expertise to offer you the most reasonable solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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