In the process of oil/gas gathering and transportation, heating equipment such as tube heater, water bath heater, fire tube heater and organic heat carrier heater are usually used to heat crude oil and oily sewage. Because of its high heating efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance, water bath heater has become the preferred heating equipment for oil/gas gathering and transportation.

Generally, the structure of water bath heater is composed of barrel, fire tube, heating coil, burner and chimney, etc. The fuel is conveyed to the burner for combustion, and the heat energy generated is transferred to the water in the cylinder to raise the temperature of the water. The water then transmits the heat to the medium in the heating coil to raise the temperature of the medium. Because the flame does not directly heat the medium and the heating coil is immersed in hot water, the water jacket heater is also called indirect heater or water bath heater.

The water bath heater of HC has been widely used in oil fields at home and abroad. Considering the different working conditions and special environment of users, our heating heater adopts the compact structure of skid-mounted installation form which can be placed in the open air, so as to ensure the stable operation of the heating heater under the conditions of desert areas.

Water bath heater plays an important role in heating crude oil and oily sewage. In order to meet the heating needs of users in oil/gas gathering and transportation for various media, our technicians are able to provide customized solutions, welcome to consult and discuss if you have any questions.

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