After the gathering and transporting of the oil well production to the receiving station and the combined station, gas/liquid separation is generally performed first to release the natural gas in the oil well production for further liquid processing. Because the density of natural gas differs greatly from that of oil and water, under normal circumstances, natural gas can be separated by the gravity settlement and gas/liquid equilibrium. However, professional equipment is needed to separate the natural gas from the liquid and collect it more effectively and economically.

Theoretically, oil/gas separation can be divided into three ways, namely continuous separation, primary separation and multi-stage separation. However, continuous separation and primary separation cannot be achieved in actual production or are usually not used for safety reasons. In general, gas-liquid separation adopts multi-stage separation, that is, when the gas-liquid phase keeps in contact and the pressure drops to a certain value, the precipitated gas will be separated out, and then lower the pressure to separated out the precipitated gas again. This is repeated until the pure liquid enters the atmospheric tank.

Based on the above principles and continually research and test, HC has produced a three-phase separation metering device for natural gas. On the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products, the device adopts a number of new technologies independently developed. After more than ten years of application and continuous improvement, it has been well received by users in terms of product quality, energy-saving and consumption-reducing, investment reduction and technical services.

The three-phase separation metering device is a combination of heating, separation, metering, controlling and other units. It adopts the advanced technology of effective separation, choking, automatic control, comprehensive anti-corrosion and anti-slip installation structure, which can accurately and safely separate and measure the oil, gas and water in the well production.

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