In all stages of well testing operation, such as exploration well, hydraulic fracturing backflow and trial production process, it is the key to accurately calculate reserves and oil and gas recovery.

The adoption of computer technique has brought digital automation and communications services to oilfield well testing by giving everyone the same real-time information and interaction capabilities. Whether it is an operator, a remote operations center, an office staff, or any designated customer, this seamless access and sharing of data, diagnostics, and analysis improves efficiency, data quality, and security to reduce uncertainty and achieve maneuverable test results.

HC well testing equipment is equipped with an automated electronic data acquisition system, which can monitor the well site and all processes in real-time, so as to realize the stepped progress of automation and rapid decision-making, and implement the continuous online data collection and analysis.

HC Petroleum Equipment combines the existing oil and gas production data with well testing operations to form field data collected through computer, which not only achieves efficient use of the data, but also effectively reduces operational risks and ensures the safety of on-site personnel. While being highly efficient, it also effectively avoids the occurrence of the potential threat to the natural environment caused by production accidents.

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