Recently, HC is designing skid-mounted production separators for customers. Skid-mounted design is a widely used design mode in the application of oil/gas field testing equipment. It is convenient for the equipment to be installed quickly on-site, which can greatly reduce the infrastructure investment of gas production plants, speed up the process of project operation, and significantly shorten the investment period. Compared with traditional design, skid-mounted design greatly improves the economic and social benefits with 60%~70% of the overall investment of the traditional design, and it can greatly reduce the operating cost of users.

The production separator skid is mainly composed of production separator, pipeline valve set, instrument set, and electrical system, etc., which can realize gas/liquid separation of natural gas from multiple gas wells and separate free water in natural gas. Afterward, the separated natural gas enters the filter separator skid and then the sewage is discharged into the sewage tank.

The skid-mounted three-phase separator has the characteristics of compact structure and low operating cost, which can greatly increase the repeated utilization of the equipment. Meanwhile, the production and assembly of the skid-mounted separation system are all completed in the factory and can be operated on-site only by the quick connection of interface pipes and external electrical equipment, which not only reduces the personnel costs but also enhances the operating efficiency.

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