HC Petroleum Equipment designs and supplies cost-effective and quality line heaters for oilfield and gas processing facilities.

Line heaters are mechanical equipment with heating function that are widely used in well testing, early production facilities, gas production and processing facilities and in other industrial areas where heating of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons are needed.

We follow international and American standards during design. During design, we consider flow rate, heating capacity, application area, individual requirements of the client. Also, we have serial production products, price of which starts from 30 000 USD for unit. 

Typical line heaters for oil and gas consist of heater chamber, fire tube, stack tube, burner with pilot system, fuel-supply system and choke valve (pressure-reducing valve), thermowell, valves and piping, which all installed on skid.

Skid of heaters can be designed either for onshore application or offshore application. Offshore skid structure of heaters are required to be designed and fabricated as per DNV 2.7-1 standard in many offshore platforms.

HC offers customization of line heaters as per your requirements. 

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