With the intensification of oil and gas field exploitation, the problem of sand production is becoming increasingly serious. In particular, high-yield gas wells have caused great harm to the surface gathering and processing systems, such as blocking and corrosion of downstream pipelines, choke manifold, three-phase separator, water bath heater and other surface equipment, and increased the sand cleaning and maintenance of equipment and pipelines. All these problems can be effectively solved by installing a desander at the wellhead of the oil and gas field. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for wellhead desander.

The wellhead desander uses the principle of cyclone separation to separate the sand particles and make the sand particles enter into the sedimentation pocket, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.When selecting the wellhead desander, the user should consider the following factors:

1.The quality of crude oil,

2.The diameter of the external connecting pipe and the working pressure of the pipeline, 

3.If it is to be used in multiple wells and gas fields, the operating conditions and performance of the wellhead desander should also be widely applicable.

The desander produced by HC Petroleum Equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, high separation accuracy, lightweight, easy installation, wear resistance, anti-aging and long service life. Moreover, we are able to design and manufacture according to customer's requirements. HC is sincerely looking forward to your visiting and cooperation.

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