The purpose of two-phase test separators is to separate well stream into two phases; liquids and gas. Test separator, either horizontal or vertical, separate fluids by applying gravitational force. Special separator internals are used to increase separation efficiency. Vertical Separator is used frequently in gas fields, or gas-condensate field. Vertical separator is capable to handle more gas than horizontal separator. Also, vertical separator is preferred in areas with limit space, as vertical separators takes less area in compared to horizontal separators

Vertical Test Separator is equipped with series of instruments and valves that allow operator perform level control, pressure & temperature monitoring, gas and liquid flow metering and recording. 

HC Petroleum Equipment designs and fabricates cost-effective, high quality vertical two-phase separators for well testing and other oilfield application. Production and assembly bases are in China. HC provides other types of test and production separators that are widely used not only in China, but also in overseas markets.

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