Recently, domestic customers signed an order agreement with us for three 300K NM3 natural gas three-phase separators. The separator is a device that integrates heating, choking, separation, metering and testing, which is an important equipment in the process of exploration and development of natural gas fields. It can not only complete the heating, separation and measurement of wellhead fluid at the same time, but also can automatically control and alarm the working status of the system's working temperature, pressure, liquid level and other parameters. Furthermore, it has perfect data processing, flow calculation, report generation and other functions.

Under the guidance and introduction of our sales managers and technical engineers, customers had an overall knowledge of the development history and numerous cooperation cases of our company. Therefore, they highly recognized our design and production capacity and placed the order on the spot. At present, we are stepping up the production.

The three-phase separator adopts a skid-mounted structure design, which is convenient for customers to move and assembly. In the meantime, it has a wide range of adaptability which is able to operate normally even in harsh environments, and capable to provide customers with accurate test data, and effectively separate the produced fluid in oil/gas/water.

HC Petroleum Equipment is committed to becoming the leader in the field of oilfield equipment. Our equipment has been applied in 80%~90% of domestic oilfields and has been well received by users. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Customer-oriented, service-oriented, creativity-first, and technology-based", HC abides by the corporate spirit of "Mutual creation, sharing and win-win", and pursuing the talent concept of "Discover qualified people and put them at suitable posts". Furthermore, through the implementation of strategies such as open innovation, excellent operation management, and human resource development to comprehensively build the core competitiveness of the company with first-class services, technologies, and products, in order to achieve the best industrial brand and provide customers the most valuable industrial services.

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