After ordering the three-phase separator, the Egyptian customer once again signed an order agreement with us for the vacuum safety valve. The customer stated that this is only a trial order, and large quantities will be purchased if they are satisfied with the quality of the goods received. At present, the payment terms and relevant details have been communicated, and the production is under arrangement.

The vacuum safety valve is a valve for safety protection. Its opening and closing parts are normally closed under the action of external force. When the pressure of the medium in the vessel or pipeline rises and exceeds the specified value, it opens automatically. By discharging the medium outside the system, the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment will be prevented from exceeding the specified value. Safety valves belong to the automatic valves, which are mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and pipelines. The control pressure does not exceed the specified value, which plays an important role in protecting personal safety and equipment operation.

Our vacuum safety valve is equipped with a flame arrester, which is safe and reliable; the overall structure design is reasonable and conforms to international standards and industry specifications; the sealing performance is excellent which can effectively prevent the backflow of medium. Meanwhile, the strict inspection will be conducted to ensure its safety performance before leaving the factory.

HC Petroleum Equipment has a number of compound talents with excellent professional technology and high management ability. We integrate the world's cutting-edge technology concept and quickly respond to customers' changing needs in order to provide customers with the advanced, reliable, safe, and high-quality surface test equipment and product solutions.

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