At the end of April, Shaanxi Yulin customer ordered a mobile two-phase separator from HC, which has been successfully delivered. It took about 20 days from the confirmation of design to production, manufacturing and testing of the equipment. Despite the current heavy production tasks in the factory, we still rushed to finish the production before the delivery date agreed with the customer. HC Petroleum Equipment appreciates all the workers for their hard-working.

This mobile two-phase separator adopts an advanced control system and is compatible with multiple control modes (direct + PLC + computer + DCS), which is safe, reliable, high automatic and easy to operate. The device can not only meet the gas/liquid two-phase separation in various occasions in oil and gas fields, but also can be used normally in some harsh and extreme environments, such as mountains, deserts, and oceans.

For oil and gas mixtures extracted from crude oil or natural gas wells, the gas/liquid two-phase separator is used only when the gas and liquid are required to be separated. The separator can be horizontal or vertical. The horizontal type is beneficial to the treatment of large amounts of liquid, and the vertical type is advantageous to the treatment of large amounts of gas. Furthermore, the horizontal type is preferred when there is a limited height of installation space, and the vertical type is preferred when there is a limited horizontal dimension.

We can produce the following types of two-phase separators:

1.The ordinary gas/liquid separator for coarse separation;

2.The separator with wire mesh demister, which can avoid entrained droplets in the separated gas;

3.The separator with corrugated plate/perforated corrugated packing, which can avoid entrained droplets in the separated gas;

4.The separator with cyclone, which is used for gas/liquid separation and defogging under high scale conditions.

Our engineering and technical team are able to provide reasonable design solutions based on pressure, temperature, medium and other parameters provided by users. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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