The test three-phase separator is a separation and measurement equipment in the oilfield trial production project, which controls, separates and measures the formation oil/gas/water at ground level. The test separator is a horizontal steel pressure vessel with a spherical head and saddle support. The cylinder body is equipped with imported energy dissipating components, coalesce rectifying packing, wire mesh mist catcher, baffle, adjustable water pipe, sand flushing device, oil/water outlet vortex shield, etc.

Working principle of test three-phase separator skid:

The oil/gas/water mixture enters the separator from the liquid inlet pipe, and the free gas is separated from the liquid after expansion and dispersion. The liquid is dispersed from the top to the bottom through the separation plate. The surface area is increased and a thin film layer is formed on the tower plate, exposing the gas to the liquid surface and breaking the bubble, thus further separating the liquid and gas. The separated gas is discharged from the top of the separator through the exhaust pipe through the wire mesh demister. After the oil/water are separated, the water is discharged from water drain pipe and the oil is discharged from oil drain pipe.

The test three-phase skid integrates a variety of measuring instruments and control equipment, which is compatible with multiple control methods. The skid is designed in a compact and reasonable structure in order to facilitate users for movement and transportation.

HC test separator is equipped with an automatic control system so as to achieve full automatic control, which can meet the testing requirements for both ordinary and special wells. Our design and manufacture are in full compliance with international standards and are ASME certified. Moreover, the technical team is able to provide customized services for users, and is committed to creating higher economic benefits by saving costs and reducing consumption.

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