Recently, our sales department is communicating with UAE customer on a new project, which includes some surface test equipment:

Three-phase test separator

Automatic detection and control system

Valve instrument

High-pressure manifold and accessories

Our technical engineers have held numbers of teleconferences with the customer to repeatedly confirmed the issues regarding anti-corrosion, anti-sulfur and valve selection of the equipment. The needs of customer are getting more and more clear after communication, meanwhile, the technical services we provide are more and more adequate. As the well-known manufacturer of Sinopec, we have ASME, API and other related certifications, and all the equipment are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards.

Our 3-phase test separator is equipped with high-end valve instruments and controllers, which can efficiently separate oil/gas/water in the fluid and provide accurate well test data. In consideration of the wide applicability of the three-phase test separator, we have adopted a skid-mounted structure in the design, which can be directly installed on the ground or placed on a trailer to facilitate the movement and transportation.

HC Petroleum Equipment cherishes every moment with customers and looks forward to working together as a long-term partner. We are able to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for your well testing, backflow and other oilfield operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and quotations.

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