Recently, domestic customer ordered two sets of combined filter separators from us. At present, the technical materials have been confirmed and our factory is in the process of production.

Filter separator is used to remove solid and liquid granular impurities in the gas. It is mainly used to remove lubricating oil from process gas, inclusions in natural gas pipeline upstream of compressor station and regulator station, and ethanol from dehydrated gas. HC filter separator is mainly used in occasions where solid, liquid and particles need to be removed efficiently, regardless of the particle size.

The combined filter separator belongs to the gas/liquid/solid separation equipment. It is composed of feeding cavity, guide, overflow pipe, porous metal filtering material cylinder, porous metal filtering material cone, underflow pipe, clear liquid collection cavity, etc. Its characteristics are as follows: the feed inlet is provided with a guide, the cylinder and cone are made of porous metal filtering materials, and the inner cavity composed of the cylinder and the cone of the hydrocyclone is provided with clear liquid filtering out. Its advantages are: high separation efficiency; high-speed rotating flow filter cake has high shear force and strong scouring effect, which can achieve a similar dynamic filtering effect; the guide accelerates the axial feeding which has stable flow field and with low energy consumption; simple structure with low cost, and has a wide range of uses.

Working principle of combined filter separator

The working process of the combined filter separator is generally divided into three stages:

First stage: principle of gravity separation

In this stage, the airflow enters the cylinder from the inlet conduit, and the impact on the shell surface or the filter element support slows down the gas, and the larger particles are separated by the influence of gravity.

Second stage: filtering principle of filter screen

This stage consists of several replaceable and washable filter elements. The type and accuracy grade of these filter elements should be selected according to the working conditions, the purpose of which is to remove the smallest solid particles and condense the mist so that they can be removed to the maximum extent in the third stage of vane separator.

Third stage: principle of vane separation

The purpose of vane separator is to remove liquid particles. Then the separated sewage is collected in a suitable vessel.

HC is able to provide cost-effective solutions according to the needs of users. We strictly follow the national standards and industry specifications for equipment manufacturing. Furthermore, our facilities are ISO and API certified. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and quotation. We ensure you the fast response, low price and short delivery time.

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