HC Petroleum Equipment is designing mud gas separators for customers in Indonesia. We are committed to developing the most reasonable solution for the user's drilling operations.

The mud gas separator can effectively separate mud and gas circulating from the well by discharging gas and sending mud to the storage tank. It is mainly used to remove large air bubbles with diameter ≥ 3mm, most of which are expanding gases filled in the drilling fluid, which can effectively avoid well kick.

Our mud gas separator is manufactured according to API and ISO standards and comes in a variety of sizes to meet different needs. The base of mud/gas separator can be made into fixed or lifting type according to customer's requirements.

Main functional features are as follows:

1.Anti-corrosive epoxy coating to ensure long service life of mud/gas separator.

2.Mainly used to remove large bubbles with 3~25mm.

3.Reduce the threat of harmful gas: the separated free gas is discharged to a safe place for combustion through the exhaust pipe. 

4.Effectively remove free gases separated from drilling fluid, including toxic gas, such as hydrogen sulfide.

5.Skid-mounted and trailer transportation, simple structure, large processing capacity, high degassing efficiency and easy installation.

6.Mud gas separators have been widely used in oil and gas drilling and coal bed methane solid control system. Please feel free to contact us for more details. 

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