HC Petroleum Equipment is designing and manufacturing horizontal filter separator for the Middle East natural gas pipeline transportation project. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive technical support and reliable equipment.

It is well known that the natural gas extracted from gas wells often contains some liquid (water and condensate) and solid impurities (such as rock dust). These impurities not only corrode pipes, equipment and instruments, but also clog valves and pipes to affect normal production. Therefore, fluids from the well site must be removed from the mechanical impurities and treated in the gas gathering (oil) station before entering the gas transmission main line. In addition, when the natural gas reaches the terminal station (city gate station, etc.) through the long-distance pipeline, due to the corrosion in the pipeline and other reasons, it inevitably contains mechanical impurities, which must be removed.

Natural gas filter separator is a high-efficiency purification device to remove solid and liquid impurities in the gas, with the advantages of large dust holding capacity, stable and easy operation, low in cost and investment as well as easy installation. It is suitable for the treatment of natural gas, city gas, mine gas, liquefied petroleum gas, air and other gases.

Our filter separator is mainly composed of filter element, shell, quick opening blind plate and internal and external components, adopting horizontal and quick opening blind plate structure, which has been widely used in various domestic natural gas transmission projects with excellent reputation. Besides, filter elements we selected has high filtration efficiency with a long service life.

We ensure that our equipment is competitively priced and fully compliant with API, ASME and ISO standards. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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