The 1440psi three-phase test separator skid and rupture discs ordered by New Zealand customers have been manufactured and are ready for shipment.

New Zealand has a large area of oil-bearing basins and low degree of exploration with positive policy environment, which brings great potential for oil and gas cooperation, as well as providing a rare opportunity for HC to conduct business in there.

Three-phase test separator is a commonly used well testing device in the process of oil and gas exploration, which aims to separate oil, gas and water from the well fluid. HC is able to manufacture three-phase test separator with rated pressure of 800psi, 1440psi and 2160psi. The equipment adopts modular design and is also known as three-phase test separator skid. Its compact and reasonable structure mainly includes three-phase separator, flowmeter, data recording equipment, instrument, liquid level controller and transmitter.

Separator vessel is equipped with high-efficiency packings, such as demister pack, coalescer packs, vortex breakers, weir and overflow plates, inlet diverter. As a safety measure, separator skid is equipped with two or three relief valves, usually pilot-operated, hi and low-pressure pilots, which transmits signal to ESD system.


In addition to the separator, customers also ordered dozens of rupture discs.The rupture disc is an important safety device to prevent overpressure damage of the pressure equipment. It can respond quickly to the sharply increased pressure, which is usually used together with the safety valve. Our rupture discs have the advantages of large disc harge area, sensitive action, high precision, excellent sealing, corrosion resistance and not easy to block, etc., and the manufacturing standard fully meets the international requirements.

With perfect service and quality management system, HC Petroleum Equipment has been operating in China for decade. All equipment has passed ASME and API certification, which fully meets the industry standard. Furthermore, we can also design and manufacture according to user's local standard. Please do not hesitate to contact us for technical solution and quotation!

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