In June 2020, HC received an order for the supply of choke blocks, plug valves and check valves, to oilfield services company in Thailand. At present, all valve sets have been produced and ready for delivery.

Our customers need drilling and completion services in the harsh environment of Thailand. Therefore, the plug valves and check valves are required to have acidic services and comply with API manufacturing standards.

As the manufacturer and supplier, HC Petroleum Equipment offers drilling equipment and accessories, surface well control system, well testing equipment for onshore and offshore operations, crude oil collection system(header), early production facilities (heating, desalination, dehydration, transmission), natural gas processing facilities, processing equipment (separator, heat exchanger, tank, tower, heater, filter) of refinery, petrochemical and natural gas processing plant, as well as flow control equipment. We can not only meet your requirements at any time but also provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Our facilities have passed ISO and API standards certification. Please feel free to contact us for more information and quotation. We will ensure quick response, low price and short lead time while manufacturing equipment in accordance with specifications and standards to meet your requirements.

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