Hainan customers ordered a batch of shell-and-tube heat exchangers from us in March. At present, the equipment has been produced and successfully delivered.

These shell-and-tube heat exchangers are of the floating head type and are mainly used for heating and cooling oil and water in oil and gas fields. This type of heat exchanger has the advantages of strong adaptability, easy cleaning and reliable operation, which can be applied to the working conditions with severe scaling and corrosive medium.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are widely used in oil and gas industry with many types, including floating head, fixed tube and U-tube.

The shell-and-tube floating head heat exchanger is composed of cylinder, outer head side flange, floating head tube plate, hook ring, floating head cover, outer head cover, screw hole and steel ring, etc. It is characterized in that only one end of the tube plate is fixed on the shell, the other end can move freely towards to the shell, and the tube bundle can be extracted from the shell. The thermal deformation of tube bundle and shell will not restrict each other, so there will be no thermal stress.

HC Petroleum Equipment is able to provide various special models of mature products according to user needs to maximize the quality requirements of products. In the meanwhile, we can provide customers with a comprehensive and high-quality standard series of products to meet the international requirements of the oil and gas industry. The shell-and-tube heat exchangers we offer to customers are manufactured according to the specific grade standard in terms of shell diameter and tube shell length, which have been optimized through thermodynamic calculation and can be delivered in a short time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any demand.

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