HC Petroleum Equipment was awarded a contract to supply sets of surface well test equipment with integrated ESD Control System to Iraq. New design of mobile surface well test system consists of 1440 psi test separator skid, ESD console, test pump, 10 K, Surface Safety Valve, 10K 4-Valve Choke Manifold, Lab and office cabin, and Utility Equipment. 

Trailer-mounted surface well test equipment is preferred by oilfield services companies which provide oilfield services in remote and dry areas, like areas of Middle East. HC’s trailer base is made by leading trailer manufacturers in China, then trailer is modified in HC’s workshop, where after Quality Acceptance, trailer is added with additional features like special platforms, ladders, stand and supports for surface well test equipment, tool boxes, pip rack, ex-proof LED lights, ESD hydraulic and pneumatic piping. 

After base is ready, Skid-mounted test separator is installed on the trailer base. Test separator consists of several gas and liquid measurement devices, pressure and level controllers, as well as other beneficial features which are specified during order. SSV and Choke Manifold provides safety and flow controlling performance. Data header and test separator are the important part of Data Acquisition System. Three sets of relief valves in test separator skid, high- and low-pressure switch pilots, ESD console and SSV ensures that safety level are considered. 

Feel free to contact HC for technical assistance and configure your mobile surface well test equipment. 

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