HC Petroleum Equipment is an experienced and qualified engineering and manufacturing company, which focuses on providing solution for natural gas and oil development and production facilities. We have range of developed products which can be applied almost in any oilfield facility both for onshore, offshore and trailer-mounted applications. 

We supply standalone equipment, as well as complete solutions, such as trailer-mounted well testing system, early production facilities (EPF), flowback equipment, gas processing equipment (H2S scavengers), crude oil transfer and storage equipment and many other products and solutions displayed in our website. We handle H2S-containing media, we handle high-pressure and high-temperature ranges, we design equipment for hostile environment, our equipment is cost-friendly, our solutions increases client’s service and operation efficiency because of high mobility, we guarantee process performance. 

Feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for technical assistance and quotation for oil & gas production systems and equipment. We will provide quality service, durable and high-performance equipment, superior design and engineering, as well as reliable non-stop after-sales services. 

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