Trailer Mounted Surface Well Test Equipment

Trailer-mounted packages are designed and fabricated based on the client requirements as well as HC’s own serial developed solutions. Trailer-mounted packages are used in oilfields accommodating required and necessary equipment on it. 

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Surface well test trailer package (SWT Package) or trailer mounted surface well test system is a special system of well test equipment designed to separate well fluids into two/three/four phases, then accurately measure behavior of each phase after separations. 


Test Separator Skid is in the center of any well testing operation. Test separator separates well fluids into two/three/four phases. Each phase line consists of control valves, meters, ball valves and other components specified in the technical proposal. As the safety devices, two or three relief valves are installed on the separator vessel and inlet manifold (Note: confirm with HC required quantity of relief valves and place of installation). High/Low- or High-Pressure Pilots are also can be used as additional safety measures (Note: confirm if pilots are included in the scope). Pressure Vessel is made either made of standard service or sour services construction steel depending on the client’s requirements. Pressure Vessel has multiple nozzles to connect level gauges, level controllers, pressure and temperature gauges, instruments and other parts specified in technical proposal and P&ID. 

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Emergency Shutdown System (ESD System) consists of multiple equipment and parts are important parts of safety measures during well testing and production. ESD system consists of ESD control panel, 5K/10K/15K Surface Safety Valve (SSV), High/Low- or High-Pressure pilots, Pneumatic SS Pipes, hydraulic hoses, emergency pushbuttons. ESD Control Panel provides hydraulic pressure to actuators or SSV and SSV of Flowhead. ESD Control Panel is equipped with oil tank, pneumatic lines, pneumatic-hydraulic pump or hand pump, gauges and other parts which is specified in technical proposal. 


5K/10K/15K Choke manifold is 4-valve or 5-valve assembly, which includes one positive and one adjustable choke. Choke Manifold is designed to reduce flow (pressure) of well stream, protecting downstream equipment. 

Data Header is special pipe with unions and ports, designed to monitor pressure, temperature, and allow operator to inject chemical to the well fluids. 

Test pump is designed to provide necessary pressure to the surface well test equipment before starting operation. Confirm with HC brand name or type of test pump required for your project. 

Long trailers also accommodate lab and office cabin with all necessary instruments and means of convenient and safe operation. Utility equipment such as Diesel Generator and Air Compressor is also provided. 


Trailer base is designed to handle payload of 20/30/40/50 tons. HC Petroleum Equipment purchases trailer base from reliable domestic supplier, then modifies it based on the in-house design and accommodate surface well test equipment and unitality equipment. Pipe rack can be added as additional features to carry flowline equipment for oilfield operations. Trailer is equipped with ex-proof lights, distribution panels, tools boxes and other additional features specified in technical proposal. 

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Technical Parameters


Trailer length

12-19 m. (40-64 feet)

Trailer payload (no includes weight of trailer)

25-60 tonnes

Sets of hammer union




Ex-proof LED lights


Distribution Panels


Fire-fighting equipment


Gas-detection equipment




Surface Shutdown Valve (SSV)

2-4 in.

5000 – 150000 psi


Hydraulic Actuator 2500-6500 psi

SA36 / Q235 Skid

Choke Manifold

4-Valve, one positive choke, one fixed choke

Sets of choke beans

Multiple ports at entry and exit

2-4 in.

5000 – 150000 psi


SA36 Skid

SA36 / Q235 Skid

Test Pump

Up to 15000 psi

Pressure gauges and sets of valves and instruments

Stainless Steel Frame and Skid

ESD Control Panel

Pressure up to 6500 psi

Pneumo-hydraulic pump or hand pump

Sets of valves, instruments and regulators

SS Oil tank with level gauge

SS piping

Multiple connection ports

SS frame and skid

Data Header

2-4 in.

5000 – 150000 psi


M/F union connection

3-6 connecting ports/nozzles

Sets of chemical gauges

Test Separator

Pressure Vessel Diam. 36-48 in.

Pressure Vessel Length S/S – 10-15 ft.

Pressure rating: 1440-2160 psi

Design Code: ASME / GB150

Internals – Yes, SS for removable, CS for welded

Gas Measurement: Orifice/Coriolis, Chart Recorder

Liquid Measurement (Oil): Turbine/Coriolis, Analyzer/Transmitter, Shrinkage tester

Liquid Measurement (Oil): Turbine, Analyzer/Transmitter.

Level Controllers: Yes, Pneumatic Type. Fully digital is also available.

Pressure Controllers: Yes, Pneumatic Type. Fully digital is also available.

Sets of Manual Ball Valves: Yes

Check Valves: Yes

Strainer: TBD

Needle Valves for instruments and sampling: Yes

Thermowells: Yes

Pressure and Temperature Gauges: Yes

SS pneumatic piping: Yes

Air Scrubber: Yes

Relief Valves: Yes, either two on vessel or two and one on the vessel and inlet manifold

Ex-proof Zone 1/2 LED lights and cables: Yes   

Quality outer coating: Yes

Skid: Yes with lifting lungs and for forklift lifting

Laboratory and Office Cabin


10 ft. x 8 ft. x 8.6 ft.

15 ft. x 8 ft. x 8.6 ft.

20 ft. x 8 ft. x 8.6 ft.

Entry/Exit Door: Yes

Escape Hatch: Yes

Window: Yes

Office desk and chairs: Yes

Plugs and other electric connection: Yes

Gas Detector: Yes

Air Extinguisher: Yes

Air Conditioner with Indoor and Outdoor units: Yes

Interior Refurbishments: Yes

Office tools: Yes

UPS: Yes

Sets of oil & gas laboratory equipment: Yes

Skid: Yes, with lifting lungs and for forklift lifting


Data Acquisition System (DAS)

HC can provide all necessary hardware of DAS, while issues concerning software shall be discussed with the client during purchase order


Yes, details shall be concluded after communication with the client

Power Generator

Yes, details shall be concluded after communication with the client 


1. HC Petroleum Equipment can design and fabricate trailer-mounted equipment based on the client’s requirements, while serial models from own development is also available.  

2. Please note that HC Petroleum Equipment can equip trailer mounted surface well test equipment with domestic brand valve and instruments, as well as world famous brand valve and instruments depending on your requirements. Please be specific about part brand names or ask HC for personal suggestion based on your requirements to the brand and performance.

HC Petroleum Equipment is a manufacturer and supplier of trailer-mounted packages in China. Please feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for more technical information and price. We ensure that trailer-mounted equipment will be in compliance with international standards and meet your requirements to the quality and expectation to the price. 

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