Trailer-mounted packages are designed and fabricated based on the client requirements as well as HC’s own serial developed solutions. Trailer-mounted packages are used in oilfields accommodating required and necessary equipment on it. 

Surface well test trailer package (SWT Package) or trailer mounted surface well test system is a special system of well test equipment designed to separate well fluids into two/three/four phases, then accurately measure behavior of each phase after separations. 

Test Separator Skid is in the center of any well testing operation. Test separator separates well fluids into two/three/four phases. Each phase line consists of control valves, meters, ball valves and other components specified in the technical proposal. As the safety devices, two or three relief valves are installed on the separator vessel and inlet manifold (Note: confirm with HC required quantity of relief valves and place of installation). High/Low- or High-Pressure Pilots are also can be used as additional safety measures (Note: confirm if pilots are included in the scope). Pressure Vessel is made either made of standard service or sour services construction steel depending on the client’s requirements. Pressure Vessel has multiple nozzles to connect level gauges, level controllers, pressure and temperature gauges, instruments and other parts specified in technical proposal and P&ID. 

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