With the continuous development of oil and gas exploration and development worldwide, deep and ultra-deep wells have gradually become an important field of oil and gas resources development. In recent years, ultra-deep oil and gas wells have also been found in China. Most of these wells are with more than 6000m in depth, the formation pressure of over 105Mpa, and the formation temperature of above 150℃ (up to 190℃), which makes it rather difficult to be tested. Therefore, higher requirements have been put forward for the surface testing equipment and supporting technologies.

Since its establishment, HC has been committed to the development and manufacture of surface test equipment, and our technicians are also facing various challenges. In the face of changing market demands, our products and services are constantly upgrading.

Face with the difficulty of testing ultra-deep oil and gas wells, HC Petroleum Equipment engineers believe that because of the high wellhead pressure of ultra-deep wells, it is difficult to control the pressure. In addition, the currently widely used surface testing equipment is only equipped with a set of nozzle manifold. Therefore, when the flow pressure at the wellhead exceeds 85MPa, it will be quite risky and difficult to reduce it to less than 10MPa, which may cause serious erosion to the equipment as well.

Taking into account the various problems under ultra-high pressure, we believe that the surface testing process of deep oil and gas wells should include the following: blowout and drainage process, testing process, safety control system, antifreeze insulation system and data acquisition system. Modular design is adopted as a whole. The pressure rating of desander, surface safety valve, nozzle manifold and other equipment should be all with 140MPa, which can meet the effective control of flow pressure above 100MPa.

The application of 140MPa cyclone desander and nozzle can effectively remove sand under ultra-high pressure conditions, and solve the problems of continuous sand removal and drainage in surface testing of ultra-high pressure and high temperature wells. But the higher the pressure level, the higher the overall cost of surface test equipment. HC will continue to innovate technology to provide users with more cost-effective surface test equipment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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