The two-phase separator ordered by Yan'an customer has been completed and ready for delivery, which has the processing capacity of 100K NM3, the maximum working pressure of 9.8MPa and the liquid removal efficiency of over 98%. It is mainly used to separate the natural gas well liquid into gas and liquid.

The gas/liquid two-phase separator can be designed for both vertical and horizontal, but horizontal separator is more commonly used. We are able to design different types of 2-phase separator according to user requirements, mainly including the following types:

1. Ordinary gas/liquid separator

Purpose: gas liquid crude separation

2. Gas/liquid separator with wire mesh demister

Purpose: gas/liquid separation, and to avoid the separated gas from entraining droplets

3. Gas/liquid separator with corrugated plate / orifice corrugated packing

Purpose: gas/liquid separation, and to avoid the separated gas from entraining droplets

4. Gas/liquid separator with hydrocyclone

Purpose: gas/liquid separation and mist removal under high scaling condition

Our two-phase separator also has multiple safety devices, such as pressure relief valve, rupture disc, ESD ball valve, high temperature and high pressure transmitter, which can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in emergency. Moreover, we designed the separator as vehicle-mounted at the request of the customer, which is convenient for users to place on the trailer.

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