Recently, Thai customers have ordered a batch of surge tanks from us. The technical proposal and delivery conditions have been confirmed, and other details are still in further communication.

Surge tanks used in oilfield are also called oil/water separation surge tanks, which are widely used in pressurization points, transfer stations, combined stations and centralized processing stations, and play a balanced role in oil and gas separation, storage and buffering during oil and gas gathering and transportation.

The surge tank of HC is composed of main vessel, mist catcher, buffer plate, foam breaking net, gas rectifier and other components, with simple structure and high efficiency. The product process design can meet the requirements of gas well surface test process. In additional, the structure and safety design are in line with international standards, and the sulfur-proof design can also meet the acid service.

Due to the epidemic, customers were unable to visit our factory for on-site inspections, so they were extremely careful in the early communication process. However, after checking the manufacturing qualifications and many project cases of our factory, the customers recognized our production and manufacturing capacity. After multiple communications with our sales and technical engineers, they highly appraised the technical ability of HC and expressed their expectation for more cooperation opportunities.

HC Petroleum Equipment will live up to the trust of customers and make the delivery of the surge tanks as quickly as possible while ensuring its high quality.

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