Recently, the Russian customer has ordered a batch of 10,000psi choke manifolds from us. Now the advance payment has been arrived and our factory is in urgent production.

Choke manifold is a reliable and necessary equipment for controlling the well fluid and wellhead pressure and implementing the pressure control technology of oil and gas well. After the accident, in the process of circulating out the contaminated drilling fluid and pumping in the high-density drilling fluid to re-establish the pressure balance relationship in the well, the choke valve can be used to control the wellhead back pressure to maintain a certain bottomhole pressure, so as to avoid further invasion of formation fluid and reduce the loss caused by the accident. As the key equipment of well killing operation, the choke manifold not only restricts the flow of fluid, but also includes all kinds of valves to control the flow, mainly including plate valve, choke valve and fixed choke. In the drilling and production process of oil and gas well, it is necessary to ensure the balance between the injection pressure of drilling fluid in the wellbore and the bottom pressure, so as to prevent accidents such as overflow, kick and blowout caused by the invasion of bottom fluid into the oil well, which requires operators to use well control equipment to kill the well in time and restore the pressure balance.

Well killing is a process of injecting moderate heavy mud into the well to prevent blowout. In case of overflow or blowout, the mud in the well will be contaminated by the incoming oil and gas. The formation pressure will be greater than the liquid column pressure, and the heavy mud overflow or eject with the oil and gas and thus lose balance. Therefore, it is required to close the wellhead BOP group to seal the annular space, and the mud will flow out from the choke manifold. When the mud passes through the choke valve, it will cause local resistance and exert certain back pressure to the well, which will control the formation pressure, thus reducing the loss caused by the overflow.

The pressure test of choke and kill manifold produced by HC conforms to API 16C standard and specification requirements. The external connection form of manifold is flange connection, which is easy for both assembly and disassembly, as well as with small torque of valve switch, complete manifold function and convenient operation, which can meet various requirements of oilfield.

HC Petroleum Equipment specializes in oil and gas production, well testing, field treatment of crude oil, natural gas processing and flow control system. We can supply not only separator, water jacket furnace, heat exchanger, desander, choke manifold and other surface test equipment, but also desulfurization equipment, trailer equipment and other complete sets of equipment. We are looking forward to cooperating with new and old customers.

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