HC is designing sweetening unit for domestic natural gas sweetening project. We design standardized sweetening process according to the hydrogen sulfide content in gas, actual gas volume, service cycle and relevant data provided by users, and tailors the external dimensions and internal structure.

The design and manufacture of natural gas sweetening unit must meet the process requirements. We use solid-state removal method to apply in batch mode.The device consists of inlet separator (vertical gas-liquid separator), one or two process columns, which contains adsorbent beds, dry gas filters, instruments, sampling ports and sampling kit, operator platform and other system components specified in either in HC’s technical proposal or client’s requirements.

HC offers Natural gas Sweetening Unit both with dry gas filer and without, based on the client’s requirements. Level of control and automation depends on the client’s operational characteristics and budget. The equipment can be designed for manual operation or a fully automatic system. Our sweetening unit meets the international manufacturing standards, and its pipeline components are all ANSI rated and tested in accordance with specifications and standards. The construction of process equipment is suitable for the environment containing H2S. 

If you are looking for an efficient and safe natural gas sweetening unit with fast delivery. Please send your requirements and oilfield conditions to HC Petroleum Equipment to get the best suitable and cost-effective solution for oilfield gas sweetening. Another option is sending a request to HC, we will provide our data sheets for you to fill.

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