Two water bath heaters ordered by domestic customers have been delivered to the site on October 31st, and the acceptance has been successfully completed. 

These two heaters are equipped with high-quality valves and instruments, and coated with international brand paint, which are not only excellent in performance but also beautiful in appearance. Customers are very satisfied with our products and services, and expressed their willingness for future cooperation. 

With the advent of winter, the demand of water bath heaters increases greatly. However, in order to deliver the products to customers as soon as possible, our factory has been working round the clock to ensure that the product design, manufacturing, testing and other procedures are completed in the shortest time. Moreover, our process is in strict accordance with industry standards so as to guarantee the quality of each equipment.

HC has been devoted to the oil and gas industry for decades, providing excellent products and considerate technical services for oil and gas fields at home and abroad. Our products, such as three-phase separator, water bath heater, heat exchanger, surge tank, desander and desulfurization equipment, are widely used all over the world, including India, Myanmar, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia and other regions, which have been unanimously recognized by users. We will continue to focus on bringing the most practical and cost-effective solutions for more customers.

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