The sulfur in natural gas exists in the form of H2S, COS, CH3SH, CH3SSCH3, among which H2S and a small amount of organic sulfur are mainly present. The existence of sulfur in the production, sales and transportation process of natural gas will cause certain corrosion and pipeline blockage to the equipment, increasing maintenance costs and unsafe risks. At the same time, the presence of sulfur will poison the catalyst in the synthesis reaction of natural gas. Methane in natural gas as fuel cell anode material also has high requirements for sulfur content. SO2 generated by sulfur combustion will pollute the atmosphere and form acid rain to pollute soil and rivers. Therefore, considering all aspects of equipment maintenance, safety production, environmental protection and economic cost, natural gas desulfurization is very necessary, and natural gas desulfurization equipment is also indispensable.

HC Petroleum Equipment has now introduced a new skid-mounted desulfurization unit, which contains pipelines, instruments and desulfurization tanks. The desulfurization tank can be divided into series operation and parallel operation, which can realize rapid conversion between series and parallel operation, and ensure that the entire device is regenerated or replaced by the desulfurizer independently without shutting down, so as to guarantee the long-term continuous operation of the unit.

Skid-mounted natural gas desulfurization unit is able to reduce infrastructure investment and maximize economic benefits for users. HC has been focusing on the design and development of integrated natural gas desulfurization equipment for years, as well as providing users with safe and efficient products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer the best technical solution and the most favorable quotation according to your actual needs and on-site conditions.

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