Sour Gas Sweetening Unit


Sour Gas Sweetening Unit is designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) by adsorption process and handle mid and large amount of natural gas. Gas Sweetening Units of HC Petroleum Equipment is designed to remove effectively and safely hazardous H2S by employing adsorption process. Gas Desulfurization Unit consists of inlet gas-liquid separator, process columns fixed adsorbent bed, end gas filters, sampling ports, instruments, valves, safety devices, operator platforms, and other components specified in HC’s proposal. 




There are several options for hydrogen sulfide removal adsorbents offered by HC Petroleum Equipment. We use quality H2S adsorbents, such as iron based solid H2S scavenger, activated carbon and other adsorbents specified in HC’s catalogue. In HC’s design solutions range also covers molecular sieve gas sweetening units and amine sweetening units, which are alternative solutions for gas sweetening in large amounts. The main benefits of HC’s Solid Bed Scavenger are cost-effectiveness, fast delivery period and process guarantee. Our solid bed scavengers require minimum operating cost in compared to molecular sieve and amine treatment processes. However, selection of certain process depends on the operating conditions, such as concentration of H2S in natural gas, flow rate of natural gas, client’s own preference to process and other factors. HC Petroleum Equipment is one of the leading and qualified companies which can supply gas sweetening units for natural gas industry. Our experienced and qualified technical team consists of process engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, E & I engineer, which allow us to provide high-end solutions for gas processors. 


Gas sweetening by iron sponge process usually consists of several steps. First step is removing liquid drops present in feed natural gas. Liquid droplets decrease efficiency of adsorbent bed by blocking small pores of iron-rich impregnated chips. The center of all gas-sweetening operation is process columns, usually two columns filled with H2S adsorbents, tower A and tower B. another advantage of HC is ability to provide multipurpose solutions. Tower A and Tower B usually work as one operating, another is stand-by. It means when adsorbent bed of Tower A is spent, operators switch flow to Tower B. Also, Tower A and Tower B can be operated simultaneously in case of high concentration of H2S. Dry gas filters are employed to remove dust and small particles which may present in sweet gas after flowing downwards through adsorbent bed and losing H2S. However, configuration fully depends on the project’s requirements. HC can offer both own solution or customize based on the client’s requirements.


HC Petroleum Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers and supplies of gas sweetening units in Asia. We provide quality equipment, guarantee process, comply with client’s codes and standards, and our solutions are cost-effective. Feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for more technical information and price of gas desulfurization units. We would be more than happy to provide technical solution to you. 


· Reliable and stable for H2S removal

· Process guarantee

· Easy to transport and installation (Plug and Play)

· Easy to operate

· Optional gas sampling kit and gas-analyzing systems

· Immediate supply of consistent quality iron sponge

· Designed by qualified natural gas and chemical engineers

· Self-contained skid

· Digital control system

· ASME or PED pressure vessels

· Compliance with NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156

· Cost-effective

· Fast delivery period


Basic Parameters 


Important Notes:


· Given parameters are for reference only. In case of flow rate greater than 300 000 Nm3/day, HC Petroleum Equipment shall conduct study of the client’s requirements and provide suitable solution for greater flow rates. Contact HC for technical assistance.

· In case of H2S content in natural gas stream between 1000 ppm and 10 000 ppm, HC Petroleum Equipment studies process data provided by the client and will provide suitable solutions to handle larger amount of hydrogen sulfide.

· When contacting us for customized design, it is necessary to provide the natural gas flow rate, pressure, temperature and composition list of natural gas, including the content of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan, sulfide, carbon dioxide and other substances, water dew point, hydrocarbon dew point and other process data.

· Current parameters are for reference only. Each Solid Bed Scavenger is designed and fabricated based on requirements of the project. Contact HC for technical assistance. 

ASPEN HYSIS Process Simulation


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