The production of three-phase separator ordered by foreign customers has been completed and is ready for shipment. The equipment has passed the necessary certifications and v international standards and specifications.

The three-phase separator is mainly used for well testing, well cleaning and other flow operations to achieve efficient and safe separation and effective measurement of oil/gas/water. The internal structure mainly includes inlet diverter, defoamer, coalescence plate, vortex eliminator, demister, etc. It is also equipped with well-known high-precision instruments and valves, such as stop valves and control valves, according to customer requirements. 

We adopt the self-developed data acquisition and control system, which can automatically generate reports and provide important data for operators. In order to ensure the safety of the equipment, we have strictly controlled the design, manufacture and configuration, and conducted all necessary tests before leaving the factory. 

After more than years of application and continuous improvement, our three-phase separators have been widely praised by users in terms of product quality, energy saving, investment reduction and technical services. Up to now, our three-phase separators have been widely used in India, Myanmar, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria and other countries.

We have a strong technical team that can provide reasonable technical solutions according to the on-site conditions and the actual needs of users. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

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