A batch of filter separator skids ordered by domestic customers is about to complete production, waiting to be loaded and delivered. The filter separator skiddesigned and manufactured by HC can be used for onshore and offshore natural gas compression stations, natural gas processing plants, natural gas distribution and decompression stations, etc.

The equipment is mainly composed of filter separator, coalescence filter element and vane demister, level gauge, level transmitter, control valve, pressure and temperature gauge, ball valve, pressure relief valve, inlet and outlet pipeline, junction box, skid-way, etc., which are integrated into a skid with compact structure and superior performance.

With the increase of natural gas exploration and development in China and the growing material life and environmental protection needs of the people. The social, political and economic responsibility of pipeline enterprises are also increasing. Therefore, as a necessary device for natural gas pipeline, the environmental protection requirements of long-distance natural gas pipeline are particularly important.

The coalescence filter element we selected has a long service life and high filtration efficiency, which has been widely used in various domestic natural gas transmission projects with excellent results. We ensure that the design and manufacture of filter separator meet the international, domestic and customer requirements and industry standards. Please feel free to contact HC for more technical information and the favorable quotation.

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