After half a month of hard work, the vacuum phase-change water bath heater designed and manufactured by Ludy for Jiangsu gas pipeline project has been initially completed. 

The equipment is developed based on the principle of water phase-change heat, which is suitable for the oil and gas technology field of gathering, transportation and processing systems. The phase-change water bath heater is mainly composed of shell, heat exchange tube and combustion tube. The utility model is characterized in that a heating coil is arranged in the heat exchange cylinder, the oil inlet and outlet of the heating coil are respectively connected with the oil inlet pipe and outlet pipe; a fire tube and a combustion flue are arranged in the combustion cylinder, the fire tube is connected with the burner port and the combustion flue, and the combustion flue is connected with the flue gas outlet; the heat exchange cylinder and the combustion cylinder are respectively provided with the connecting ports which can be connected and matched with each other, and the heat exchange cylinder and the combustion cylinder are connected with each other through the connecting port.

The vacuum phase-change water bath heater uses seamless steel pipes to effectively increase the heat transfer area, thereby reducing the exhaust gas temperature and fuel consumption, as well as improving heat transfer efficiency. Meanwhile, it is equipped with high-efficiency automatic burner, which is stable, safe and reliable in operation.

Jiangsu Ludy Petrochemical Equipment has advanced technology and rich practical experience in crude oil processing and oil and gas gathering and transportation. We’ve been committed to producing superbly designed and high performance products according to project requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

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