Three-phase separators are widely used in the oil and gas industry. The horizontal one purchased by African customers from HC has reached customer satisfaction from design to production.

The customer sent a third party company to visit and inspect our plant and communicate with our engineers on technical issues. The representatives recognized and appreciated our design, production and processing capabilities, and expressed their willingness to establish long-term cooperation with HC.

The three-phase test separator is a standard configuration in oil well test operation, which is typically located downstream of the choke manifold. The valve is designed to control the flow of surface produced fluid.

After receiving the fluid from the well, the three-phase test separator uses the difference between gravity and fluid density to divide the fluid into water phase, oil phase and gas phase. After the gas / liquid separation, the separator will measure each phase separately. The gas phase is either transported to a separate natural gas pipeline or burned. The liquid phase is mixed and returned to the outlet line or sent to the storage tank. In some remote areas where it is not possible to store and transport the produced liquid, it may have to be transferred to the burner for further processing. 

Our factory has been certified by ISO, API,ASME, etc. We are able to provide surface testing and measuring equipment in accordance with international standards and industry codes for overseas markets. In addition, HC has many projects abroad and hopes to expand its business and technical services in Africa. 

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