After multiple technical video conferences and communication confirmation, Gabon customers finally signed an order agreement with HC for the water bath heater. Gabon, located in central Africa, is rich in resources, including oil, timber, manganese, etc., with proven oil reserves of about 2.2 billion barrels. This cooperation will lay a sound foundation for HC to further open the African market.

Before the order is confirmed, the customer appointed a third party company to conduct a long-term inspection of our manufacturing capability, technical strength and service ability. Eventually, we won the recognition of our customers with years of manufacturing experience and strong technical capabilities. HC has been committed to the research, development and production of oil and gas equipment for nearly two decades. We supply a large number of water bath heater, three-phase separator, surge tank, heat exchanger, choke manifold and other equipment for oil and gas fields at home and abroad. 

Our water bath heater is safe and durable, with high heat exchange efficiency, compact structure and complete functions. The combustion system can be equipped with imported automatic burners or domestic burners according to the needs of users. We have not only all the necessary qualifications and certifications, but can also provide reasonable design scheme according to the project requirements. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be glad to be at your service. 

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