Recently, customer in Shaanxi Province of China once again signed an order agreement with us for two vehicle-mounted integrated two-phase separators. The customer said that our two-phase separator has been in good use on site with safe and stable performance since it was put into operation, which fully meets the requirements of working conditions. 

The vehicle-mounted integrated two-phase separator takes the portable industrial control computer as the core, and is composed of high-precision testing instrument and pneumatic control valve. After the natural gas enters the separator, under the action of internal structure, the liquid in the natural gas falls down due to the action of gravity, and the falling liquid is automatically discharged through the discharge valve after settling. The natural gas separated from the liquid is discharged from the outlet of the separator through the mist catcher, and then measured by the orifice flowmeter before being transported.

HC integrated two-phase separator has the characteristics of small occupied area, great working flexibility and high separation efficiency, which has been widely used and well received in Shaanxi Province. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries regarding two-phase separators, surface well equipment and other early production facilities.

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