Recently, customers from Kazakhstan and HC signed an order agreement for two sets of cyclone desanders. The equipment is with 5Mpa of design pressure, 1.5Mpa of operating pressure, 150°C of design temperature (for hot oil cleaning) and 15°C ~ 70°C of working temperature. After the order is confirmed, all departments of HC factory are stepping up the production and processing work.

The cyclone desander is mainly used in the metering station of the Betas Oilfield to remove sand particles from crude oil. The customer required a skid-mounted design, desander and frame to be designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME standards. The equipment includes pipes, valves, filter screens, pipe fittings, cables, cable joints, junction boxes, control and power panels, etc.

During the communication, our technical personnel make the design and drawings strictly according to customer requirements. Besides, our technical engineers have rich practical experience and are able to make timely response and provide reasonable suggestions based on the requirements of users. HC cyclone desander has been widely used in China and has been well received. This order has laid a promising foundation for our business in Kazakhstan.

In the next step, HC will adhere to scientific and technological innovation and market development, and contribute to the revenue and efficiency of customers at home and abroad.

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