In order to meet the requirements of gathering and transportation process, the crude oil produced at the wellhead of extremely cold oilfield must be heated to a certain temperature and the viscosity of crude oil must be reduced to meet the transportation demand. Therefore, it is necessary to use water bath heater to heat the produced crude oil. The water bath heater can be used not only in oilfield wellhead, but also in metering station, long-distance pipelines, etc.

The two sets of water bath heaters we are about to export to Africa have reached the final stage of production. At present, the insulation layer has been completed, and they can be delivered after all parts are assembled and tested.

The equipment is mainly composed of water jacket, fire tube, smoke pipe, chimney, coil, dual fuel burner and natural gas filtration system, and is designed and manufactured in accordance with API and ASME standards. We use carbon steel to make the steel structure of the water bath heater skid. The heater body is sprayed with anti-rust paint and added with insulation layer. The exposed parts are completely insulated, anti-corrosion and durable, which can ensure the safe and stable performance. Considering the operation safety of the equipment, we have also designed a rainproof shed for the burner at the request of the customer.

In order to facilitate the customers to quickly connect and operate on site, we design two heaters in electrical, mechanical and other systems into parallel operation state. Our technical engineers fully consider the on-site working conditions and customer requirements, and provide users with perfect technical solutions. 

Since its establishment, HC has been committed to providing cost-effective technical services and equipment for oil and gas field users. Our water bath heater is efficient and safe, which can bring incalculable economic benefits to users. This order will lay a promising foundation for our further open up into the African market.

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