After times of in-depth discussions, the UAE customer has signed a supply agreement with HC for vertical heat exchanger, which will be used for the hot water supply project in Russia.

The vertical heat exchanger designed and manufactured by HC is applicable to hot water supply systems for general industrial and civil building. The heat medium is steam or high-temperature softened hot water. It is with the following advantages: large heat exchange, large temperature drop of hot coal, excellent heat exchange effect, small heat loss, energy saving, small cold water area, high volume utilization rate, low head loss, safe and stable in water supply, convenient scale cleaning and maintenance, etc. 

The equipment is mainly composed of tube box, tube sheet, shell, baffle plate, heat exchange tube, etc. in combination with foreign advanced technology and the actual needs of users, the cylinder of the equipment is made of 316L, and its process fully meets the standard of ASME B111-C44300.

HC provides technical solutions, manufacturing and on-site services for petrochemical surface testing for the international and domestic markets. Our equipment is ISO and ASME certified, and we are capable of providing spacious and clean space for assembly, workshop instrument calibration and other electrical engineering. Please feel free to contact us for more information on heat exchanger and other surface test equipment. 

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