Recently, HC received an inquiry from a customer in South Africa for a complete set of surface test equipment to be installed on a trailer. The whole set of equipment includes test separator, emergency shutdown system, choke manifold and data acquisition system, which can realize fast-moving, safe and efficient well testing.

With the continuous development of oil and gas exploration, the requirements for the quality of oil test data acquisition are getting higher and higher. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the data acquisition system of surface test equipment. The technical team of HC combines domestic and foreign technological innovation to make the whole set of equipment with higher flexibility and practicability, which can be widely used in onshore oil and gas field ground test, greatly reducing the relocation workload of test service, greatly saving cost, especially suitable for domestic and foreign desert oil and gas field ground test. 

Our equipment is connected by union or high pressure flange, which is convenient and reliable. The equipped devices, instruments and meters are of international famous brand, suitable for frequent handling and outdoor environment. The whole set of equipment is prefabricated and assembled into skid with frame steel structure and movable protective cover, which is firm and solid, anti-collision, convenient for transportation and loading and unloading. 

With the technical team of industry experience for 20 years, HC is capable of providing reasonable technical solutions according to your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any requirement. 

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