The vertical surge tank ordered by domestic customer has been successfully delivered recently and has arrived at the customer’s site for trial operation. The equipment surges the separated crude oil by the separator and facilitates the delivery of crude oil to the burner with the crude oil transfer pump rather than the separator pressure, which facilitates the delivery of crude oil at low flow and pressure so as to achieve better combustion effects.

HC vertical surge tanks mainly include: vessel body (in line with ASMEVⅢ.1), partition (with double chamber), mist catcher, oil inlet pipeline, liquid outlet pipeline, gas outlet pipeline, discharge pipeline, safety protection system, sampling point, level display (optional level transmission control), pressure gauge, temperature gauge, etc. In addition, adjustable pressure reducing valve, low & high level alarm system, automatic temperature control and other accessories can be equipped according to customer requirements.

HC technical team fully meets the international standards and the requirements of customers in the design of the entire set of equipment. Our vertical surge tank is easy to install, small in volume and occupied area. Its outdoor installation does not require extra construction work, saving civil construction cost, and its long-term operation can greatly save customers' operating cost.

With 20 years of industry experience, HC specializes in manufacturing surge tanks, well test separators, water bath heaters, heat exchangers, desanders, choke manifolds and other equipment with kinds of specifications, which can respond to various needs of customers. Please feel free to contact HC if you have any questions.

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