In the production workshop of HC, workers are busy producing a batch of three-phase test separators for Africa. Currently, it’s the peak period of order receiving for HC. Under the circumstances of many orders and tight schedule requirements, all HC employees are actively working overtime so as to complete the task as soon as possible.

In order to facilitate this cooperation, HC foreign trade and technology department had several communications and negotiations with customers. Finally, we won the trust of customers and reached the deal with good product quality, solid and efficient working style, excellent operation team and high corporate reputation.

Relying on the core advantages of industry-leading technology and rich project experience, HC has accumulated strong market competitiveness and high market share in the application field of oil and gas equipment. Our three-phase test separator is a technologically advanced pressure vessel that is compatible with multiple control modes to make the operation easier for users. Under the premise of considering the user cost, we adopt well-known brands of valves and instruments at home and abroad, which are reliable in quality and can simultaneously meet GB, ASME, API and other national and industrial standards. 

HC has been in the oil and gas industry for many years, and we cherish every opportunity of in-depth communication with customers. This order will further expands our business in Africa. We will strictly control the production process of the three-phase separator to achieve the best quality.

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